thus ends the chapter!

First, let me say thank you for all of the support this year! Knowing that somebody would be asking about the next or most recent picture has kept me going.

If you’ll permit me a few closing words:

Now that my reason for compulsive photo taking is gone, it will be a hard habit to break. 365 has been my excuse and justification for having my camera with me everywhere the last year. It got me out of the house, and forced creativity when I was stuck indoors. How to you take a picture after dark? What about when you don’t have time to go somewhere and you have only yourself as a subject? And how about those few days when you get to 11pm and you haven’t taken a single photo and the only camera on hand is an ancient mobile phone? It would be really easy to just…not take the picture. On the flip side I have had days where my biggest challenge is choosing a single shot from a series of great pictures! And I have to say, most of the time, that was more agonizing than a challenge to my creative skills. I am now a MacGyver of photography (or at the very least, whoever the Robin is to MacGyver’s Batman)

Tomorrow will be ok. It’s my birthday, so I will be taking pictures. And through New Years too. I imagine it will sneak up on me. That feeling that I’ve forgotten something. Then, panic, the slow realization, and the relaxing, nostalgic moment when I acknowledge that it’s really over. 
I can’t go back and change anything, never could. Perhaps that is a valuable lesson I’ve learned: now is the moment-you can’t ever go back and get that perfect shot. Take it now, or tuck it in your memory, cause it will never look exactly like that again. If that picture is the one for the day, post it…and don’t think that you’ll be able to recreate the picture again tomorrow!

So, it is with eager anticipation that I continue to view the world with one eye to the lens, watching for the perfect shot.

Thank you.